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Lindsey K. Griffith, J.D.

Learn legal, business, or academic English in online courses, in groups or one-to-one, structured for your professional needs.




I am an attorney with years of professional experience in the US and Europe, working in international and multidisciplinary teams.


I am a CELTA- and TESOL-certified teacher with both professional (J.D., law) and technical (B.S., geology) backgrounds.


I lectured for several years in business-related legal subjects at the American University in the Emirates (Dubai), where I also proofread and edited works of academic colleagues.  My legal, academic, and technical backgrounds make me particularly suited to proofread and copyedit materials in those fields.


I also teach legal English, business English, and technical English and prepare legal professionals for the TOLES examination. 

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Lindsey edited my manuscript for my forthcoming book. Her training as a lawyer made her suggest changes which were more concise and consequently improved the final product. However she kept the complexity of the argument which is essential to an author. She is patient, professional and kind and truly engaged with the inner logic of the topic she is working on. Furthermore, she goes out of her way to find solutions to citations of tricky documents which are not covered explicitly by the style guides. I recommend her, and would definitely work with her in the future too.

-Dr. Kristin Kamøy, Consultant, Researcher, and Author


Lindsey Griffith helped edit a chapter of the English version of my book. It was clear that as a lawyer, she has experience editing technical and scholarly documents without losing complexity of ideas, and she is not intimidated by dealing with specialized fields.

-Dr. William Guéraiche, Associate Professor, 

University of Wollongong, Dubai

Lindsey and I were colleagues at American University in the Emirates in Dubai. She arrived intending to work with prospective students prepping for IELTS and TOEFL exams and ended up as the primary business law instructor in the college of business. It's a challenging environment and Lindsey thrived.


We had primarily native Arab speakers raising their English language levels so they could pursue their bachelor's studies in English. Ultimately they are expected to produce high quality written work, pursue research, and tackle upper-level undergraduate courses. Lindsey excelled. She demonstrated flexibility and creativity. She was adept at discerning when to take initiative and when to roll with the punches. She is well organized, professional, intelligent, and well read.


She is a wonderful colleague, but three things make Lindsey stand out to me: 1. Her cultural competency is off the charts, 2. She is passionate about whatever she does, and 3. She is a rare benign English stickler.

-Dr. Kevin Heisey, Content Strategist, xScion Solutions




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