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Legal English Services

Legal English Training

I offer one-to-one or small group trainings in Legal English for legal professionals and law students, in person or online. I also offer the TOLES Test of Legal English, and my courses can be geared toward TOLES exam preparation or for your specific professional needs.

Editing of Legal and Academic Legal English
  • Years of experience in legal research and writing

  • Familiar with Bluebook standards for legal citations

  • Familiar with OSCOLA (Oxford University Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities)

  • Experience editing academic works for publication in legal journals worldwide 

  • Completed the Copyediting Certificate Program through the University of California San Diego

  • Member of the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA).


"Lindsey edited my manuscript for my forthcoming book. Her training as a lawyer made her suggest changes which were more concise and consequently improved the final product. However she kept the complexity of the argument which is essential to an author. She is patient, professional and kind and truly engaged with the inner logic of the topic she is working on. Furthermore, she goes out of her way to find solutions to citations of tricky documents which are not covered explicitly by the style guides. I recommend her, and would definitely work with her in the future too."

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